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Call 647 933 1090 To Speak With Joe ...

From the desk of:
Joe Walsh
Toronto Mortgage Broker

Getting a Mortgage seems simple enough, until you start comparing rates, terms and products.

It can be overwhelming.

Having an experienced Mortgage Broker’s guidance is priceless (usually at no cost to you)

But from your point of view, you only want one thing…the best deal available to you.

And the best way to get the best deal is to have a mortgage expert accurately assess your situation and then shop the market to find the best possible options for you to consider.

Hi, my name is Joe Walsh.  I’m a Toronto mortgage broker and I’ve helped both individuals and businesses all across Canada locate and secure mortgages.

Unlike many brokers that advertise “Today’s Best Rates” to you, I’m here to tell you its not quite that easy.

You see mortgage rates are constantly changing so you need a mortgage broker who is informed.

There is no guarantee that you will  qualify for an advertised rate, or you will be comfortable with the terms or prepayment privileges.  (for instance, there are a few lenders that offer a low rate, but if you need to pay the mortgage out early, the cost is prohibitive).

The mortgage market is a moving target with constantly changing rates and programs to consider. Failure to stay on top of the market can lead to decisions that cost you money.

And with 100’s of lenders available, it’s almost impossible for an individual to successfully navigate the market for the best deal on their own.

That’s where me and my team come in. We are fortunate to work with a very broad spectrum of lenders that collectively meet the needs of most requirements.

Because I work independently of mortgage lenders, there is no bias in terms of where I suggest you take your mortgage business.

My one and only objective is to serve your specific needs and I accomplish this by first analyzing your situation, then shopping the market for the best available options, presenting them to you, and then coaching you through any of the terms and conditions that may be unclear so that you feel confident in your decision.

End Result…You Choose From The Best Available Options.

You see experience counts for plenty in this business and in 34 years I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped 1,000’s of Canadians just like you secure mortgage products that meet their goals.

And if you have a case that’s a bit challenging, all the more reason to give me a call.

I’ve been pretty successful with even the most difficult of cases and whether we do business or not, I’ll always give you my expert opinion, free of charge or obligation.

The Process Is Simple, and Works Like This..

    • The first step is to get in touch with me directly. The easiest way to do this is to just pick up the phone and give me a call or send me an email. You can also fill out an online application form that provides me with all the key information. But not all people are comfortable with the online forms, especially before they even talk to anyone. And once, we’ve spoke I can also outline everything I will need to proceed.
    • So just call or email. If you are leaving a message, I will personally  get back to you right away and we can starting going over your situation.
    • In our initial conversation, I will quickly go through my customized assessment process with you and give you immediate feedback about what mortgage options are available to you.
    • Once you decide what approach you want to take, I will go out and shop for the best available options.  Depending on the situation, this step can be completed in just a few hours.
    • I will then get in touch with you to go over the options with you. Don’t worry about understanding all the terms and conditions. We’ll take as much time as you need to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your choices and how they relate to your goals.
    • Once you’ve made your decision, a lender approval can be obtained in matter of hours and then be provided to you the same day or the day following the approval.
    • You then can review the approval at your convenience. If you have any additional questions, just call me and we’ll go through them. If everything is in order, you will sign the forms and I will in turn forward it to the lender.
    • The Lender will then typically take one to three days to review the paper work. Meanwhile, we will work to fulfill any outstanding conditions that need to be covered off.
    • You then satisfy the conditions by providing whatever additional information is required (some examples would be the name of your lawyer, proof of income, and so on). Once that’s done, your mortgage is ready to go.
    • Now we’re on the home stretch where all you have to do is meet with your lawyer to go through the closing process.
    • I will take care of all the paper work and communication with the lender. You just have to meet with your lawyer to complete the transaction.
    • At this point, congratulations are in order as you’ve successfully secured the mortgage financing you were looking for.

Here Are Just Some of The Mortgage Applications Me And My Team Receive.

        • Residential Home Purchase. While this is the most common type of mortgage application, it can also be quite challenging for those having bad credit or holding self employed status. But no need to worry if you have a more challenging situation.  My approach is always the same, and that’s to help you get the best available deal.
        •  Cottage Mortgage Financing. While the number of lenders for this application are considerably less than for typical residential mortgages, I do have access to a number
          of lenders that deal with this type of mortgage application.
        • Refinance Mortgage. The key to mortgage refinancing is to make sure that the mortgage product you end up choosing is not only a good fit for your needs, but is also going to let you benefit as much as possible from future changes in interest rates.And with so many mortgage products continually coming to and leaving the market, there is a good chance that your options have changed since the last time you signed a mortgage commitment. Once again, a quick review of your presently available options will help you secure a mortgage your going to be happy with.
        • Construction Loans. Construction financing for residential,commercial, and industrial construction projects including owner/builder scenarios. Construction loans and mortgages are one of my specialties. Not only do I have the sources to get these deals done, but I’ll be with you every step of the way through the sometimes harrowing cash flow management aspects.In fact, over the years I’ve saved my share of construction projects that went off the rails with a customized solution after the project had started.
        • Commercial Mortgages and Industrial Mortgages. For business owners, I also stay up on the top commercial and industrial mortgage programs available. Business or Commercial mortgages are more complex to arrange and secure, but with the help of my team, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting the financing you’re looking for in the time period required.
        • Multi Unit Mortgage or Apartment Building Mortgage. This can range from five unit complexes, to projects with over a hundred units. These types of projects can be very time consuming and highly unpredictable with respect to securing mortgage financing. So the more experience you have working for you the better your chances of success.
        • Second Mortgage. At times, a second mortgage is the best solution for securing additional money for a variety of purposes. I have very good access to both institutional lenders and private lenders for second mortgages on commercial, industrial, and residential properties.
        • Private Mortgage Lenders. Sometimes, the characteristics of a deal require the use of a private mortgage. While private money is not a preferred approach, I will put it forth as on option in situations where conventional lenders are not prepared to consider your application. Private or hard money as some people call it, can still be a viable solution for a shorter term lending need.
        • Bad Credit Mortgage. In recent years, there has been a growth in mortgage programs geared towards individuals with poor or weak credit. There are many options we can look at and in many cases you may be pleasantly surprised with some of the programs you can qualify for that can provide a bad credit mortgage loan.
        • Debt Consolidation Loan . If you find yourself with an excessive or hard to manage amount of consumer debt that can carry high interest rates and/or steep repayment terms that drain your available cash, then a consolidation mortgage is something we should talk about. This is a very common discussion I have with clients, especially during the current recession. The good news is that consolidation mortgages are quite common and they can be the answer to getting your cash flow back on track.
        • Home Equity Mortgage.  A home equity loan product is designed for individuals that can’t show sufficient amounts of traditional forms of reported income like employment earnings to satisfy lender requirements.  If you have good credit and equity of at least 25% in the property you own or wish to acquire, then a home equity mortgage would definitely be something to consider.
        • Reverse Mortgage.  In recent years, retirement planning as introduced different ways to utilize the equity in your home to finance your retirement years.  Reverse mortgages are one of these strategies to consider to better manage your retirement cash flow.
        • Insured Mortgage.  Canada has a very strong mortgage insurance system lead by Canada Mortgage and Housing Insurance (CMHC), allowing as high as 95% mortgage financing and amortization periods as high as 40 years.
        • Condo Mortgage Financing For Non Residents. The condo market, especially in Ontario, has a lot of investor and reseller activity that requires mortgage financing.  For non residents of Canada, there are short and long term mortgage solutions available for condo purchases.
        • Rental Property Mortgage.  For investors or speculators buying rental property for a long term investment or a fix and flip type strategy, there are both institutional and private mortgage options available for this type of purpose and all the variations that can occur.
        • Private Second Mortgage.  The most common form of private mortgage financing is utilized for debt consolidation, fast access to equity financing, and construction loans among other uses.

While there are many different applications and mortgage products, everything always starts with the initial assessment. 

Click Here To Speak To Me Directly and lets go over your situation together.

There’s no cost or obligation for my detailed assessment and expert advise.And after speaking with me, if you still choose to work with someone else, I’ll wish you all the best and extend an invitation to call me any time if you have any further questions.

Joe Walsh
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