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“The Joe Walsh Team Has Joined Forces With Dominion Lending Centres”

Dominion Lending Centres Toronto

Dominion Lending Centres Toronto

At the beginning of October, our mortgage business launched a new Dominion Lending Franchise here in Toronto.

Operationally, we have the same location at 1935 Leslie Street here in Toronto, and all contact information remains the same, so for any of our existing and future clients, its all business as usual with our mortgage business.

What is different is out affiliation with Dominion Lending so I thought I would first let you know about it and then give you a bit of background on our decision.
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As you may or may not know, Dominion Lending is the fastest growing mortgage company in Canada and many of the initiatives they are and will pursue going forward are very congruent with our own.

Let’s face it, the mortgage industry is continually changing and to stay not only on top of all the rule changes occurring on a monthly basis, but to also be on top of the state of the art technology for delivering information, products, and services to our customer, made Dominion a clear choice for our business.

From a mortgage product point of view, Dominion now gives us access to even more lenders as well as an expanded network of mortgage specialists and originators that can provide greater assistance in certain situations.

This provides our customers with even more choice when it comes to making a mortgage decision which will greatly contribute to achieving optimal mortgage financing results, whether we’re talking about residential, commercial, or industrial real estate properties.

The information systems, reports, and multi media presentations provide a great library of information that is designed to help borrowers to better understand the different programs and products available so that an informed decision can be reached that much faster.

And lets face it, as we all rapidly move forward into the information age with websites, social media, Youtube, Facebook, and the like, we also recognize that we have to be able to provide content to out customers in a manner than you most refer. This is another area where Dominion provides value to use as they continually make substantial investments in their information and information delivery systems.

As franchise owners, we will also have access to credit card programs and other financial products that get developed and set up by Dominion. More products and services provide greater value to our customers which is one main reasons why we made the decision to become part of the Dominion Lending Team.

There is more going on than I an elaborate on today. But I will be following up in the future to comment on more specific developments as they occur.

In the mean time, I invite you to give us a call or send me an email with any questions or comments you may have.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this new business arrangement with our customers and also value any comments or feedback you are willing to provide.

That’s about it for today other than to say we are very excited about this new relationship and all the value it can help bring to our customers.

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Dominion Lending Toronto

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