DND Mortgage

“DND Mortgage Programs For Military Relocation And Housing Requirements”

A DND mortgage is a residential home mortgage that is provided by a Canadian institutional lender that has been approved for funding placement by the Canadian military.

The actual DND mortgage program is developed and administered by the Canadian Armed Forces and works hand in hand with its funding partners.


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Who Qualifies For A DND Mortgage?

Basically, with few exceptions, any Canadian military personnel who is required to provide their own housing during their service will be eligible for a DND mortgage.

Because of the wide range of locations and markets that military personnel are required to serve in, and the frequency in which they can be moved or relocated, it became necessary to create a military loan program that addressed the needs of armed forces personnel in a manner that created a certain amount of equity and consistency across the board.

Key Benefits To A DND or Military Relocation Loan

When a relocation occurs, there are a number of issues that can arise.

First, there are the costs of relocation. The DND mortgage program has allowances and guidelines to be applied for moving costs that can be incurred.

Second, the person being relocated is going to have to find a new home at the new location and sell the home at the old location. Certain costs of resale are covered in the program as well as the ability for the person being relocated to acquire a bridge loan to secure a new home if the old home has not been sold yet.

Third, with respect to retiring the existing mortgage, a prepayment penalty may occur and the program provides assistance to the individuals impacted by this.

Fourth, in the event that the area where relocation is required has higher housing values than what an individual can afford or would otherwise select on their own, the DND program helps with the mortgage financing.

Are The Interest Rates For A DND Mortgage Any Different?

Both fixed and variable interest rates can be secured through a DND mortgage.

Once an applicant is approved through one of the Canadian Military’s lending partners, there is also the potential that the bank or institutional rate offered will be further reduced by the program providing a further benefit to those that qualify for the program.

How Do You Get Started Applying For A DND Mortgage?

Even though there can be a considerable about of paperwork and administration that goes along with a Military relocation loan, the first step is basically the same as it would be for any civilian applicant and that’s to make an application for mortgage financing to one of the approved lenders and get a 120 day rate hold in place.

That way you will be in the best position to maximize the benefits you can receive from the program.

I would also strongly recommend that you work with an experienced mortgage broker who can help you through all the different program requirements as well as the application process for the mortgage lender providing the financing.

If you need a DND mortgage or would like more information, give me a call and I’ll make sure you get all your questions answered right away.

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