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“Cambridge Commercial Mortgage Financing For Various Real Estate Applications”

Cambridge commercial mortgage financing solutions are available through our private and bank or institutional mortgage lending sources.

In order to get the commercial property financing you’re seeking, in the time you have to work with, and for the rates and terms you’re looking for, its going to be important to 1) focus in quickly on the commercial lenders that are the best match for your requirements; 2) put together an information package that will answer most questions at the time of application, saving time going back and forth for basic information that should be part of the package; 3) manage all the items that will need to be completed in order to not only get an approval, but to get funds disbursed.

The best way to accomplish all of this is to work with an experienced commercial mortgage broker that has access to a broad base of commercial property areas that service the Cambridge area.

Property financing can be provided by both institutional and private mortgage lenders for land acquisition, mortgage refinancing, debt consolidation, and construction loans.

Depending on the specific property you’re trying to finance, the amount of money required, your business and personal credit profile, the commercial mortgage financing options can be quite different. That’s why its important to work with a mortgage broker who can qualify your needs properly and then make sure you’re immediately working with a relevant business property lending source.

While many people may only consider private mortgage financing as more of a last resort option, it can also have its place as a primary commercial mortgage choice.

Here are some examples.

Any time a fast or faster mortgage closing is required, its more likely to get accomplished via a private mortgage than a bank or institutional mortgage. Sometimes it makes sense to pay a bit more in rates and fees and save a deal than miss out on something altogether when the financing process ends up taking longer than expected.

For construction financing, most sources of construction loans come from private mortgage lenders, especially for smaller commercial construction projects. Once again, the speed to getting something in place and the ease of use can make a commercial private mortgage an instrument of choice.

That being said, if you have the time, we certainly can take you through the process of working with a relevant institutional commercial lender if that happens to be a good fit for what you’re looking for in the way of real estate financing.

If you need to locate and secure a Cambridge commercial mortgage, give me a call and we’ll go through your requirements and options together.

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