Hamilton Commercial Property Mortgage

“Hamilton Commercial Property Mortgages Can Apply To a Wide Variety of Real Estate Properties”

A Hamilton commercial property mortgage is essentially a real estate mortgage on any property other than a residential property under 5 total units.

This covers a very broad spectrum of real estate to say the least with a broad cross section of mortgage lenders and commercial lending programs that may or may not apply to your particular mortgage requirements.

Because the unique nature of many commercial properties, lenders can become very specialized in terms of the types of properties and structures they will consider, the size of the mortgage required, the credit profile of the borrower and so on.

Compared to residential mortgage financing where the differences between mortgage programs can be very subtle, the commercial lending programs can be quite different in terms of what they fund and how to qualify.

Commercial mortgage qualifying can be a very lengthy process, especially if third party appraisals and environmental assessments are required. Even if you take the initiative and get these reports completed ahead of time, they may not be on a mortgage lender’s approved supplier list, causing you to go elsewhere with your mortgage requirements, or to have to get the reports and work redone.

The commercial financing process can be very frustrating and hard to solve, especially if you have any type of time pressure you’re dealing with to get funds in place.

That’s why its always a good idea to work with a Hamilton commercial property mortgage broker so that you’re not wasting time and money on a commercial mortgage lender who either is not a good fit for your requirements or is going to take far longer to issue a commitment and fund than the time you have available to work with.

I also have very good access to private mortgage lenders that will finance commercial real estate. This is becoming a more popular option for getting a commercial mortgage in place faster in order to beat the clock on an offer to purchase and then allow time after the fact to get a long term institutional mortgage in place.

For solid commercial properties, there is also very good rates in the market from private mortgage lenders that at times can come close to institutional rates on certain properties in certain areas.

If you have a Hamilton commercial property mortgage requirement, I suggest that you give me a call so we can quickly go over your situation and provide relevant commercial mortgage options for your consideration.

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