Kitchener Commercial Mortgage Financing

“Let Us Help You Locate and Secure Kitchener Commercial Mortgage Financing”

Kitchener commercial mortgage financing options can be considerable, depending on the type of commercial real estate property you are trying to get financed.

There is a wide variety of bank, institutional, and private mortgage financing sources that could potential be a good fit for the financing you’re trying to get into place.

The key to locating and securing the best available deal for any property you’re trying to finance is to work with an experienced commercial mortgage broker or commercial specialist that has well established lender relationships in the Kitchener and surrounding area.

This is important for a number of reasons. First, different lenders will have a different appetite for different types of property, loan size, etc. And their interest in any slice of the market can constantly change, depending on what’s going on in their portfolio. So its important to be working with someone who understands who is financing what at any given point in time.

Second, the commercial market has become more competitive in the mid market area with private mortgage lenders now providing short term competition to some of the second tier banks on certain deals. This development is not widely known by most business and property owners and without the services of a commercial mortgage broker its unlikely they will come across all the available options as most private lending sources only work through mortgage brokers.

Third, the commercial mortgage process from application through to completion can be grueling to say the least so its important that you are focusing your efforts on the most likely lending candidates for your deal otherwise you can literally be wasting months of time and effort by trying to work with a less likely lending source.

Fourth, there can be considerable rate differences on the market for a particular deal, so its important to understand who is going to be a better overall fit for your property financing requirements in order to pay the lowest potential rate.

If you have a Kitchener commercial real estate financing requirement for acquisition, property refinancing, debt consolidation, or commercial construction financing, I suggest that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant commercial mortgage financing options for your consideration.

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