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“We Secure Vaughan Commercial Mortgage Financing For A
Wide Variety of Real Estate Property Financing Scenarios”

Vaughan commercial mortgage financing options are available from our private and institutional commercial financing sources.

With commercial property financing, one of the challenges these days is locating the commercial lender that is prepared to get a deal done at a certain point in time. At the outset, every lender will almost always tell you they are interested in your deal or financing your requirements, but in the end which ones can get the job done and which can’t.

That’s always a tough question as the answer will change from lender to lender, from deal to deal, depending on what’s going on in each lender’s portfolio at a given point in time. This is what we refer to as the shifting sands of commercial lending.

One of the ways to increase the probability of success is to work with a commercial mortgage broker who is actively involved in the market and has a good grasp of who’s lending right now for a given project and who is likely going to have a harder time providing an approval.

That’s step one.

The next hurdle with commercial property loans is putting together an information package that’s going to proactively answer all the key questions that a commercial lender is going to want to know and that can be slightly different in terms of bank and private lender as well. Because lenders see and process a large number of applications on a regular basis, they tend to do the initial reviews fairly quickly so you want to be able to grab their attention and provide them with reasons to continue assessing your request versus quickly discarding your application altogether.

As I mentioned, Vaughan commercial mortgage financing can also come from both bank and private lending sources. Private mortgage financing on commercial properties is a significant percentage of the lending market, especially for small to medium sized businesses. Therefore, its important to be working with a commercial mortgage broker who understand and can source both bank and private mortgage funds as it can be hard to tell from the outset of an application which one is going to be the most attainable option.

If you are trying to secure a Vaughan commercial mortgage, give me a call so we can go through your financing requirements together and review relevant commercial property lending options that meet your needs.

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