Mortgage Brokers Are Earning Their Keep

“Now Is Truly The Time To Take Advantage of The Skills and Expertise of Mortgage Specialists and Mortgage Brokers”

With all the changes going on in the housing and residential mortgage market these days, I can tell you that my phone has been ringing off the hook as everyone is scrambling around trying to find the best rates and to get help navigating through the housing and mortgage decisions.

Housing prices in most parts of the country are on the rise as are interest rates. Insured mortgages are going to be harder to qualify for some, and home buyers are also going to have to deal with HST in the coming months.

The process of buying and selling a home as well as the related mortgage financing requirements will be the biggest financial decisions most people will have to make in their life time, so its important to fully understand how things work and how to get the best deal for your particular circumstances.

And from the mortgage side of things, that is where mortgage brokers can add a lot of value, especially in times like these.

When things are less robust, things like rate shopping may not provide much value or uncover any seemingly hidden opportunities to take advantage of. But these days, rate shopping is almost a necessity as lender programs are constantly changing and without the ability to quickly scan the market, its not going to be too hard to end up with a higher interest rate.

Then we can talk about the mortgage insurance programs and how the new guidelines will impact your ability to qualify for a mortgage both for home purchase and refinancing purposes.

All this activity and complexity is exactly what a mortgage broker is supposed to help you understand and manage through. This a period of time when your mortgage broker can provide great value without it costing you anything in most cases, especially for standard residential mortgages where the mortgage lender pays the broker.

Of course I’m biased, but I truly believe that its going to be way harder to figure things out on your own that with the assistance of a mortgage broker you are comfortable with and feel confident in.

If you have any questions regarding rates, mortgage insurance, HST, or anything else related to mortgage financing for residential or commercial properties, give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirement and provide relevant options for your consideration.

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