Kitchener Private Mortgage Lender

“For a Kitchener Private Mortgage Lender, Look No Further”

Kitchener private mortgage lenders, or private lenders that include the Kitchener and Waterloo region in their coverage zone, can be sourced through our mortgage brokerage.

We work with private mortgage lenders that will consider a wide range of both residential and commercial real estate properties and will provide mortgage financing for property acquisition, refinance, debt consolidation, and construction.

The private mortgage lender market has expanded considerably in recent years as banks continue to take a conservative approach to mortgage financing post recession and investors remain less that enthralled by their returns in the stock market. The combination of these two events has contributed significantly to more real estate deals being done by private mortgage sources and more private mortgage lenders entering the market.

This is good news for consumers and business owners as there are now more options than ever for mortgage financing, especially options related to less than perfect financial profiles and faster mortgage closings.

Kitchener private mortgage lenders, like private lenders from other areas, primarily place their funds either directly or indirectly through the mortgage broker net work. Private mortgage lenders that operate as individual lenders tend to only work directly with a few brokers they’re comfortable with who in turn may source deals for the private lender through their mortgage broker contacts.

Other private lenders will provide their funds to mortgage investment corporations that place mortgages for them either directly or once again by utilizing the broker net work.

In either case, the ability to access a Kitchener private mortgage lender that is relevant to your requirements will likely require the services of an experienced mortgage broker with direct or indirect access to the appropriate private lending sources.

This is where we come in and provide great value to our clients through our private mortgage network. One of the keys to many private mortgage financing deals is the speed to getting suitable funding located and secured. In order not to waste precious time, we always assess all requests for private funding quickly and in many cases can provide back an indication of interest in just a few hours. On the flip side, if we can’t provide the private mortgage funding you require, we’ll tell you right away so there is no time wasted in the process.

If you’re looking for a Kitchener private mortgage lender, give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide the relevant private mortgage options for your consideration.

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