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Fast Private Mortgage Money

“Here’s Where You Go For Toronto Fast Private Mortgage Money”

Toronto fast private mortgage loan money is most typically used for 1) estate purchases that need to be closed in less than one week, 2) mortgage refinancing and debt consolidation required to avoid a lender collection action.

The speed with which any mortgage can be put in place from application to funding is 2 to 5 days provided that you are working with a mortgage broker, private mortgage lender, and real estate lawyer than can turn the whole thing around quickly.

This is an area where we can potentially help you as our mortgage brokerage is aligned with private lenders and lawyers that can get the job done in a very short period of time provided that everything related to the property and property title are in order.

If you’re looking for a mortgage close in less than 2 days, its unlikely you’re going to be successful as there is basic amount of time required to cover off the mortgage approval and registration process.

A fast private mortgage money close is also restricted in most cases to single family real estate properties as commercial real estate will typically require a slightly longer loan application process due to larger loan size and more assessment into the resale speed of the market.

For residential mortgage needs, we work with a number of different private mortgage lenders in the Toronto area that provide fast closing loan services. Failure to focus on these specific types of private lenders may cause you to waste the valuable time you have and potentially miss your deadline.

If you have a residential mortgage that needs to get closed in less than a week in Toronto or in the Greater Toronto Areas, I suggest that you give me a call so we can quickly assess your requirements and get you working with a private mortgage lender that is capable of getting the job done in the time period required. At the same time, if we are unable to help you, we’ll tell you right away so you don’t waste any valuable time. In most situations, we can provide suitable options within a few hours of being contacted.

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Residential Mortgage Process

“Here Are Some General Guidelines For Getting a Residential Mortgage Commitment in Place and Funded”

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately about quick close mortgages or fast close mortgages to deal with situations where time is short and you’re running the risk of losing out on a deal or incurring some additional costs for not having mortgage financing arranged in time.

To avoid the need for a fast close mortgage in the first place, you need to have a basic understanding of the residential mortgage financing process and the related timing.

Remember that I’m only providing basic guidelines as requirements can vary considerably from one mortgage lender to another and even among offices of the same mortgage lender.

For the application process, especially if you’re going to be doing any amount of comparative rate and term shopping, you should be allowing 2 weeks to have a commitment in hand. This will allow time for the application to be processed, an appraisal to be completed, and commitment papers to be drawn up and reviewed.

Once the terms and conditions are agreed to, most mortgage companies will have a closing schedule so that they can manage their overall work flow. A typical closing schedule will be 10 business days after the commitment is in place. Mortgages can be closed much sooner, but its hard to depend on that from one mortgage company to the next. Larger organizations are typically going to be slower as they have more moving parts and people to manage the open files as well as more open files in general.

So if you’re in need of a residential mortgage for real estate purchase, mortgage refinancing, construction, or debt consolidation, make sure you’re working backwards from the date funds are required and adding 4 weeks to the process so you’re going to be starting with enough time to get things done without getting into a mad scramble, or worse yet, falling into the quick close mortgage category that I’ve been talking about in recent issues.

If you need assistance with a residential mortgage for any purpose, just give me a call and I’ll go through your situation and options with you.

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Quick Close Mortgage Solutions

“Let Me Help You Locate And Secure a Toronto Quick Close Mortgage In The Next Few Days”

The process of getting a mortgage in place in the time you have to work with can be far from a perfect process.

Approvals can fall apart. Borrowers can have trouble qualifying with the mortgage lenders they are applying to. Mortgage providers take too long processing the application. The borrower does not allow enough time to get a bank or institutional mortgage in place. And so on and so on.

Regardless of the reason, the reality is that time is running out and you need a quick close mortgage solution to save a deal or avoid additional costs in some fashion.

Well I may very well have the solution for you.

First of all, how quick is quick?

If all the relevant information pertaining to a mortgage application is available, a quick close mortgage can be applied for and disbursed within 48 hours. The average turnaround time is three to four business days. If your looking for a 24 hour miracle, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

But if you have a solid residential or commercial real estate property to finance and have 3 to 5 business days to work with, then its very possible we can get a private mortgage in place in the time you have to work with.

Toronto quick close mortgage solutions are based on private money due to the speed with which a private lender can move. I also have working relationships with lawyers that can perfect a quick mortgage registration with limited advanced notice.

The key to getting these deals done in the time you have to work with is providing all required documents up front and being available to answer any questions or provide any additional documentation that may be required.

If you’re in this type of situation and want to better understand what Toronto quick close mortgage solutions may be available to you, give me a call so I can quickly assess your situation and provide you with relevant quick close options within a couple of hours. If I can’t help, I’ll tell you right away so I don’t waste the time you have to work with.

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Fast Mortgage Loan

“If you Need To Secure a Mortgage Right Now For Whatever Reason, Then A Fast Mortgage Loan Is Likely The Solution”

There can be many reasons for needing a fast mortgage loan… The bank is foreclosing and you’re trying to save your home; there is a great real estate deal that you are trying to close; you have a commitment to purchase a condo and your original mortgage commitment has fallen through; you’ve run out of time trying to get the best bank mortgage deal; your construction project has run out of money, etc.

It doesn’t really matter what the circumstances are. Bottom line, you need a mortgage and you need it now.

A fast mortgage loan comes from a private lender. Private mortgages are typically the only type of mortgage than can be put in place in 48 hours or less.

If you don’t need it that fast, then there may be other options to consider. But if your time requirement is less than a week, then a private mortgage loan is going to be your option for a quick mortgage solution.

Fast private money will almost always be local, meaning that the lender will have to be situated in your geographic area. By having an existing knowledge of the local market, a private lender can make a decision fast and hopefully be able to provide what you’re looking for.

If you start talking to private lending sources that are not doing business in your locale right now, then the process is not going to be as fast so make sure that the financing source your spending your precious time on is local.

The hard part about locating fast private money is that many private lenders do not directly advertise their programs and instead work through mortgage brokers to gain access to the market.

So you’re likely going to have to find a mortgage broker that has this type of resource in your area.

You’re also going to want to work with a mortgage broker that is used to providing a fast turnaround and is good at managing the overall process versus someone who may attempt this occasionally. You only have so much time, so its important to be working with people who are really good at getting a fast mortgage loan approved and in place in a few days.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and are in need of a fast mortgage loan, I suggest that you give me a call right now so I can quickly assess you situation and provide the most relevant options quickly so you’re not wasting any time.

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Fast Mortgage Closing

"If You Need To Find and Close a Mortgage In The Next Few Days,
Here's How You Do It"

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If you have a deal that needs to close right away and you can’t wait weeks or months for mortgage financing, then a fast mortgage closing is what you’re looking for.

Do you fall under one of these scenarios?

  • The financing you had arranged just fell through and you need to replace it before the time limit on the deal lapses.
  • You may even be in the middle of closing right now and just discovered that the mortgage you thought you had in place will not close now for some reason.
  • You are in the middle of a construction project and have run out of money or can’t get an advance out of your institutional construction loan.
  • You are being foreclosed on by a mortgage lender and need to pay them out in the next few days to save your home.
  • You have an offer to purchase on a home, but the institutional financing hasn’t come through and you’re scrambling to get money in place before the offer lapses.
  • You have a commitment in your business you need to pay off and the only source of capital is the equity in your home, but you have to get everything done in a matter of days.

If your situation sounds like any of the above, give me a call right away so that I can quickly assess your situation and provide immediate options for you to consider.

I have successfully gotten funding in place in as little as 48 hours for some of my clients.

If you have your information in order and have a property that has some equity in it in a decent market area, then there are likely going to be options we can look at in the next few hours.

Give me a call right now at 647 933 1090 and lets see if we can put something together in the time you have to work with.

There is no cost or obligation for this initial discussion and if I can’t help you, I’ll tell you right away so I don’t waste any of the time you have to work with.

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