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Milton Private Mortgage Broker

“We Provide Milton Private Mortgage Broker Services to Our Clients For Residential, Commercial, and Construction Requirements”

For a Milton private mortgage, the best approach is to work with a mortgage broker that has private mortgage financing sources for your area and project type.

Our private mortgage lending sources will collectively consider a wide range of real estate mortgage applications, financing amounts, and mortgage registration positions.

Private mortgage lending on both residential and commercial real estate has increased in the last few years with more lenders entering the market place and tighter mortgage financing requirements being followed by banks and institutional lenders.

One of the challenges with locating and securing private mortgage financing is making the proper match between the type of mortgage application you’re looking for an a private that will be interested in the deal. Just because a private lender provides financing in the Milton area does not automatically mean they will be interested in your application or will be able to fund your application at a given point in time.

This is one of the reasons why its important to work with an experienced private mortgage broker that has well established relationships with a variety of private mortgage lenders that service the local market.

Milton private mortgage lenders, for the most part, will also access the market through a mortgage broker. So working with a mortgage broker is likely going to increase your chances of finding the right mortgage product in the time you have to work with.

At the same time, many brokers will claim to have direct access to private lenders when in fact they may be dealing with one or two degrees of separation whereby their access is through a chain of one or more brokers. This type of access can get you going in the wrong direction and waste a great deal of potentially valuable time if no viable lending option is uncovered in the process.

For our clients, I try to assess the Milton private mortgage financing opportunity as quickly as possible so that you can quickly assess the available options I provide and not waste any time in the process if they don’t meet your criteria.

If you’re in need of a Milton private mortgage, give me a call and we’ll go over your requirements together and review potential options as quickly as possible.

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Kitchener Waterloo Commercial Mortgage

“We Have Kitchener Waterloo Commercial Mortgage Options From Our Institutional and Private Mortgage Sources”

Kitchener Waterloo commercial mortgage financing options can be considerable for some projects and hard to locate for others.

For stronger commercial real estate properties where the borrower has a strong financial profile, there can be several relevant  financing options to consider. While a large number of choices can be considered a benefit most of the time, it still can come with some challenges.

First, the cheaper money tends to be the slowest. If you’re trying to get a deal closed on a piece of commercial real estate where the time available to secure a commercial loan is less than 60 days, you may want to consider a faster interim step before trying to secure the longer term mortgage.

Second, when you have a number of choices, it can be hard to zero in on the best potential deal for your requirements. And even if you have lots of time available, you can still waste a lot of time and money trying to line up with a less than optimal lender.

On the flip side, its also easy for an “A” deal to secure a less than optimal cost of borrowing due to the borrower’s lack of knowledge as to what’s available in the market at a given point in time.

For harder to finance properties, securing a Kitchener Waterloo commercial mortgage can be even more difficult as it won’t likely be obvious who can help you and who can’t without going through some painful trial and error.

In either case, the best approach is to work with an experienced mortgage broker who stays on top of the changes in the market place and is more likely to get you talking with a mortgage lender that can both help you and provide rates and terms to your liking versus trying to figure out the market on your own.

Another benefit of working with a commercial mortgage broker is having access to private mortgage lenders. Especially for situations requiring a funding in 30 days or less or properties that are going to be difficult to finance regardless of time, commercial private mortgage financing options may end up being the best option in the short term.

If you’re in need of a Kitchener Waterloo commercial mortgage, please give me a call so we can go over you situation and requirements together and discuss potential commercial mortgage options that can meet your needs.

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Kitchener Private Mortgage Lender

“For a Kitchener Private Mortgage Lender, Look No Further”

Kitchener private mortgage lenders, or private lenders that include the Kitchener and Waterloo region in their coverage zone, can be sourced through our mortgage brokerage.

We work with private mortgage lenders that will consider a wide range of both residential and commercial real estate properties and will provide mortgage financing for property acquisition, refinance, debt consolidation, and construction.

The private mortgage lender market has expanded considerably in recent years as banks continue to take a conservative approach to mortgage financing post recession and investors remain less that enthralled by their returns in the stock market. The combination of these two events has contributed significantly to more real estate deals being done by private mortgage sources and more private mortgage lenders entering the market.

This is good news for consumers and business owners as there are now more options than ever for mortgage financing, especially options related to less than perfect financial profiles and faster mortgage closings.

Kitchener private mortgage lenders, like private lenders from other areas, primarily place their funds either directly or indirectly through the mortgage broker net work. Private mortgage lenders that operate as individual lenders tend to only work directly with a few brokers they’re comfortable with who in turn may source deals for the private lender through their mortgage broker contacts.

Other private lenders will provide their funds to mortgage investment corporations that place mortgages for them either directly or once again by utilizing the broker net work.

In either case, the ability to access a Kitchener private mortgage lender that is relevant to your requirements will likely require the services of an experienced mortgage broker with direct or indirect access to the appropriate private lending sources.

This is where we come in and provide great value to our clients through our private mortgage network. One of the keys to many private mortgage financing deals is the speed to getting suitable funding located and secured. In order not to waste precious time, we always assess all requests for private funding quickly and in many cases can provide back an indication of interest in just a few hours. On the flip side, if we can’t provide the private mortgage funding you require, we’ll tell you right away so there is no time wasted in the process.

If you’re looking for a Kitchener private mortgage lender, give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide the relevant private mortgage options for your consideration.

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Hamilton Commercial Property Mortgage

“Hamilton Commercial Property Mortgages Can Apply To a Wide Variety of Real Estate Properties”

A Hamilton commercial property mortgage is essentially a real estate mortgage on any property other than a residential property under 5 total units.

This covers a very broad spectrum of real estate to say the least with a broad cross section of mortgage lenders and commercial lending programs that may or may not apply to your particular mortgage requirements.

Because the unique nature of many commercial properties, lenders can become very specialized in terms of the types of properties and structures they will consider, the size of the mortgage required, the credit profile of the borrower and so on.

Compared to residential mortgage financing where the differences between mortgage programs can be very subtle, the commercial lending programs can be quite different in terms of what they fund and how to qualify.

Commercial mortgage qualifying can be a very lengthy process, especially if third party appraisals and environmental assessments are required. Even if you take the initiative and get these reports completed ahead of time, they may not be on a mortgage lender’s approved supplier list, causing you to go elsewhere with your mortgage requirements, or to have to get the reports and work redone.

The commercial financing process can be very frustrating and hard to solve, especially if you have any type of time pressure you’re dealing with to get funds in place.

That’s why its always a good idea to work with a Hamilton commercial property mortgage broker so that you’re not wasting time and money on a commercial mortgage lender who either is not a good fit for your requirements or is going to take far longer to issue a commitment and fund than the time you have available to work with.

I also have very good access to private mortgage lenders that will finance commercial real estate. This is becoming a more popular option for getting a commercial mortgage in place faster in order to beat the clock on an offer to purchase and then allow time after the fact to get a long term institutional mortgage in place.

For solid commercial properties, there is also very good rates in the market from private mortgage lenders that at times can come close to institutional rates on certain properties in certain areas.

If you have a Hamilton commercial property mortgage requirement, I suggest that you give me a call so we can quickly go over your situation and provide relevant commercial mortgage options for your consideration.

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Toronto Mortgage Closing Adventures

“A Toronto Mortgage Closing Process Can Be a Hair Raising Experience At Times”

Most of the time, a Toronto Mortgage Closing will be quite uneventful. That being said, it can also be on of the most stressful things you can go through.

The challenge with any residential or commercial mortgage closing is that a number of things need to be done by a number of people by a certain date and time. The more people and things that are required, the more problems that can occur.

And if most of the required closing items need to be accomplished in a short period of time, you’ve likely got a large stress sandwich on your hands.

The keys to having a seamless or near seamless Toronto mortgage closing are to 1) make sure that all the requirements are clearly out lined and dealt with by the required parties as far a head of the closing date as possible; 2) start the overall mortgage process as far in advance as you can to allow additional time to deal with unexpected items or issues that could not have been foreseen; 3) work with an experienced mortgage broker who knows how to proactively get things lined up for a mortgage closing and who has lots of experience working out problems during the close process that can potentially kill the deal.

This is an area where there is no substitute for experience. The longer a mortgage broker has been involved in the business and the more different types of mortgage applications they’ve dealt with, the more prepared they will be for anything that can happen.

When problems do arise, they seem to almost come out of the blue and rarely provide you with sufficient time to get the issue or issues resolved before time runs on a purchasing opportunity or other mortgage financing requirement that is time sensitive.

Getting everything properly lined up before the closing date is both art and science and cannot be underestimated in importance when looking to get a new mortgage in place.

If you have a Toronto Mortgage Closing that has gone off the rails or if you’re starting the mortgage process and want to best avoid any problems down the road, I suggest that you give me a call and we’ll work together to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

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Brantford Private Mortgage Loans

‘Brantford Private Mortgage Loans Are Available For Residential and Commercial Real Estate Purchase, Refinance, and Construction”

Brantford private mortgage loan financing is available from our private mortgage lenders that service the Brantford and south western Ontario geography.

Private mortgages can be secured for first, second, and potentially third mortgage financing, depending on the real estate and the related equity in the property.

Most Brantford private mortgages are placed for a one year interest term for both residential and commercial properties with interest only payments. Rates, fees, and terms will vary from one property and one lender to another, but for the most part, private real estate loans are for the one year period of time.

This is not to say that a multi year private mortgage cannot be secured as these types of deal are available. However, depending on the lender, there may or may not be a renewal fee for any additional years beyond the one year interest term.

Most construction mortgages for individual residential construction and smaller scale commercial construction are provided by private mortgage lending sources as well. While private money rates for construction financing are going to be higher than bank interest rates, which is basically true for almost all types of private mortgage loans, private lenders tend to have a faster decision making process with respect to construction loan approvals and their construction draw administration process tends to be more straight forward and predictable.

The key to locating and securing a Brantford private mortgage loan is to work with an experienced mortgage broker who has direct relationships with private mortgage lenders that service the area. Most mortgage brokers will claim to have access to private lenders, but many times the relationship may have one or two degrees of separation, not only creating funding delays, but potentially investing time with private lenders that are not a good match for your funding requirements.

Private mortgage lenders are either individuals or small corporations for the most part. Each lender has their own ways of assessing deals and managing the relationship with the borrower. Because of the lender diversity, there is value in making sure that you are working with a private lender that is a good fit for your particular need not only to minimize any future problems but to also secure the best rates and fees relevant to your requirements.

If you need a Brantford private mortgage, please give me a call and we’ll go through your requirements together and discuss private mortgage options that are available to you.

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Ottawa Commercial Mortgages

“Here’s Where To Get A Better Understanding of Your Ottawa Commercial Mortgage Options”

Ottawa commercial mortgage loan financing is available from a large number of private and institutional lending sources. This would appear to be a major advantage to a business owner trying to secure a mortgage on a commercial property, but the reality is that because there is such a vast array of commercial property types, each with their own effective market dynamics, commercial lenders tend to specialize their mortgage programs to only consider properties in certain geographies, industries, building structures, and so on.

So it can become difficult not only finding the commercial real estate lenders that are most relevant to your particular requirements, but also difficult determining which lender will be able to provide the best rates and terms at any given time.

This last point is important in that commercial real estate programs are also very much a moving target as well with the interest level in certain properties potentially changing on a regular basis. This is due to the constant changes that can occur within a lender portfolio in terms of new loans added and existing loans going into default or expressing higher risk levels. In order to maintain the proper risk balance, the commercial mortgage financing programs are regularly adjusted so that new approvals will reduce the overall risk of the lender’s portfolio or at least keep it in balance.

The best way to try and understand the shifting sands of the commercial mortgage loan market at any given time is to work with an experienced mortgage broker who stays on top of the industry and lender trends for your area.

The right mortgage broker can get you working with Ottawa commercial lenders more relevant to your particular situation that much sooner, getting the transaction or internal financing requirement in place and funded in the time you have to work with.

Trying to figure this out on your own can not only be an exhaustive and many times fruitless process, but it can also waste valuable time that could put a deal at risk or the business’s financial cash flow in a precarious position.

If you need an Ottawa commercial mortgage for a real estate property you own or wish to acquire, I recommend that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and work with you to locate and secure the best available options.

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Mortgage Leverage Strategies

“Here’s One Way To Get Greater Mortgage Leverage on a Commercial Property At Lower Average Interest Rates”

There is typically a trade off between lower interest rates and higher mortgage loan to value ratios, especially with short term deals.

One of the ways to get the best of both worlds is to secure a combination of institutional and private mortgage facilities for the subject property in question.

As an example, say that you have a condominium project you’re selling off unit by unit and you’re looking for the maximum amount of condo inventory financing you can secure on the available units. An institutional commercial lender may be very interested in your project at very good rates, but likely at a loan to value ratio between 50% and 65%. If the development has already sold a number of units and has a strong marketing campaign underway, a private second mortgage may be able to be arranged for up to 80% loan to value depending on the project.

While the private second mortgage is going to be more expensive in terms of rate, the principal the rate will be applied to will be small percentage of the institutional financing, allowing for the weighted average cost of capital to still be respectable while gaining the highest potential loan to value.

This strategy works for a variety of reasons. First, the private is not taking a huge position in the project, making it more likely that a private lender would be interested in the deal. Second, as each condo unit is sold, most of the sale price will go to reduce the mortgage principal on one or both mortgages, further reducing the exposure to the lenders as time goes along. Third, the institutional lender is comfortable with a second mortgage holder being in place due to the accelerated pay down of the project.

The key to making it work is working with a mortgage broker that can arrange both the institutional and bank portions and get everything approved and disbursed in the time period required.

If you want to look at different strategies to get the best potential rate and leverage on a real estate property, please give me a call so we can go through your requirements and see what types of workable mortgage options can be arranged.

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Guelph Private Mortgage Lenders

“Here’s How To Locate And Secure Funding From Guelph Private Mortgage Lenders”

Guelph private mortgage lenders can be both individuals or small investment corporations that provide private mortgage loans secured by real estate in the Guelph area.

The most relevant private mortgage lenders will either be located right in the Guelph area, the immediately surrounding area, or the Greater Toronto Area.

The key to locating and securing a Guelph private mortgage on either a residential or commercial real estate property is to work with an experienced mortgage broker that has direct relationships with private mortgage lenders that focus on this particular geography.

Going one step further, private lenders can also have different appetites for different types of mortgage requirements, so a private that would provide mortgage financing for a residential second mortgage many not be interested in looking at a first or second mortgage position on a commercial property or a construction project.

This also speaks to the need to work with a well established and experienced mortgage broker who has a strong and diverse private mortgage lending group.

We work on private mortgage deals from $20,000 to $20,000,000 and everywhere in between and the keys to success are matching up the needs of the borrower with Guelph private mortgage lenders that are a good fit for the deal in terms of type of property, size of loan, rates, terms, etc.

The market has quite a diverse range of private money available and its not uncommon for individuals to secure funding at potentially above market rates if they end up focusing on a more expensive form of private mortgage funds when time is in short supply. This is yet another reason why its important to be talking with the best lender fit right away so that you aren’t in a position of having to take a less than optimal financing option as time is running out on your deal.

We also have experience working with fast close mortgage situations where a private lender is utilized to place a mortgage in two to five business days from the time of application to funding of the mortgage.

If you require a Guelph private mortgage lender solution, I suggest that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your needs and provide in many cases same day private mortgage options for your consideration.

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Kitchener Commercial Mortgage Financing

“Let Us Help You Locate and Secure Kitchener Commercial Mortgage Financing”

Kitchener commercial mortgage financing options can be considerable, depending on the type of commercial real estate property you are trying to get financed.

There is a wide variety of bank, institutional, and private mortgage financing sources that could potential be a good fit for the financing you’re trying to get into place.

The key to locating and securing the best available deal for any property you’re trying to finance is to work with an experienced commercial mortgage broker or commercial specialist that has well established lender relationships in the Kitchener and surrounding area.

This is important for a number of reasons. First, different lenders will have a different appetite for different types of property, loan size, etc. And their interest in any slice of the market can constantly change, depending on what’s going on in their portfolio. So its important to be working with someone who understands who is financing what at any given point in time.

Second, the commercial market has become more competitive in the mid market area with private mortgage lenders now providing short term competition to some of the second tier banks on certain deals. This development is not widely known by most business and property owners and without the services of a commercial mortgage broker its unlikely they will come across all the available options as most private lending sources only work through mortgage brokers.

Third, the commercial mortgage process from application through to completion can be grueling to say the least so its important that you are focusing your efforts on the most likely lending candidates for your deal otherwise you can literally be wasting months of time and effort by trying to work with a less likely lending source.

Fourth, there can be considerable rate differences on the market for a particular deal, so its important to understand who is going to be a better overall fit for your property financing requirements in order to pay the lowest potential rate.

If you have a Kitchener commercial real estate financing requirement for acquisition, property refinancing, debt consolidation, or commercial construction financing, I suggest that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant commercial mortgage financing options for your consideration.

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Burlington Private Mortgage Loan

“Burlington Private Mortgage Loans Are Available For a Number of Residential and Commercial Real Estate Applications”

Burlington private mortgage loan financing can be used for short term and longer term financing scenarios, although the majority of private mortgages are only for a one year term.

That being said, there are more private mortgage lenders entering the market all the time and some are content with providing financing for a number of years with long amortizations in affect for repayment or interest only.

Private mortgages are most relevant to construction financing scenarios and other bridge financing situations where a fast and more flexible form of mortgage financing compared to the traditional banks is required.

We have Burlington private mortgage lenders who will consider a broad range of real estate financing requirements both in first and second position mortgage registrations. A second mortgage will come at a higher rate, but if the amount of funds is relatively small and only required for a short period of time, it may be the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to tap into the available equity.

When we speak of fast, quick close residential mortgages from private lending sources can get closed in 2 to 5 days time provided that everything required to close the deal is in order. This can be a very effective form of financing to save a deal or take advantage of a buying opportunity with a very small window.

Private mortgage lenders also tend to be very regional in terms of where they are comfortable placing their money, so its important to work with a mortgage broker that can directly source private funding in your particular area.

Most mortgage brokers will claim to have access to private mortgage sources, but many times the broker is one or two steps removed, potentially wasting valuable time getting the deal arranged and/or not locating a very good lender match for your requirements.

We work directly with our private mortgage lending sources and can many times provide you with a term sheet the same day you apply for financing.

If you need a Burlington private mortgage loan for a residential real estate or commercial real estate purchase, mortgage refinancing, debt consolidation, or construction financing, I suggest you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide relevant local private mortgage financing options for your consideration.

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Interest Only Bridge Financing

“Toronto Interest Only Bridge Financing Is Available For A Number of Different Applications”

If you need interest only bridge financing in Toronto, or anywhere else in southwestern Ontario, I suggest you give us a call right away at 416 464 4113 and we’ll be able to tell you right away if we can help you or not.

Toronto Bridge financing is typically required when a real estate transactions needs to close quickly and there is not enough time or collateral in the deal to get it done through a conventional lending source.

One of the more common applications for a bridge loan is the buy and sell property scenario where a real estate investor is planning to purchase a property right away and then resell it shortly there after for a profit.

Because the opportunity may only exist for a very short period of time, there likely will not be the opportunity or the need to get a conventional mortgage.

Typically these types of transactions are financed partially by a private mortgage loan against the property being purchased or a combination of the property being purchased and other properties pledged for security. The private mortgage can be in first or second position, provided that there is sufficient equity available to support the financing requirement.

Interest only bridge financing is accomplished through the private mortgage loan as most privates only require interest only payments. Depending on the private mortgage lender, the interest term will typically be for one year with repayment penalties ranging from completely open to three months interest penalty.

The main benefit of this type of bridge financing mortgage is that it can be put into place quickly, provided everything is in order with respect to property appraisals, purchase and sale agreements, down payments, etc.

And as long as their is sufficient paid in equity into the project, private lenders are not going to be as concerned with repayment assessments, especially if the property is in a strong resale market and the plan is to re-market it as quickly as possible.

If you have this sort of need or would like to discuss different options for a transaction you’re looking at, give me a call right away and we’ll go over the scenario together.

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Oakville Private Mortgage Financing

“Here’s How To Get Access to Oakville Private Mortgage Financing”

To locate and secure Oakville private mortgage financing, you typically need to be working with a mortgage broker who represents private mortgage lenders that are interested in financing residential or commercial real estate properties in the Oakville and surrounding area.

While it’s not always the case, most private lenders do not have their own retail arm for their business and choose to work through mortgage brokers and/or lawyers instead to reach the market.

And even though mortgage brokers are the most common path to private lending sources, this can still result in less than optimal results as it can be hard to tell how well a mortgage broker is aligned with an Oakville private lending source that is relevant to your particular situation.

Its not uncommon for mortgage brokers to turn to other mortgage brokers to try and locate private mortgage financing for their clients. This can not only lengthen out the mortgage process, but also contribute to time wasted focusing on less relevant private mortgage sources.

One of our key focuses is private mortgage lending and as a result, we have very strong relationships with individual private mortgage lenders and private lending sources. This is important in getting the best match in place between borrower and lender in the time required.

We work on Oakville private mortgage placement for both residential and commercial real estate applications as well as private mortgage construction financing for both residential and commercial projects.

In the current market, there can be a fairly wide range of private mortgage rates that can apply to any one property, so we also work hard to get our clients the best available deal at any given point in time for a particular type of property.

If you need to locate and secure an Oakville private mortgage in a matter of days, we have sources of private funding that can turn these types of requests around in under a week provided everything is in order with the transaction.

If you require Oakville private mortgage financing, I suggest that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with private mortgage lending options for your consideration.

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Toronto Bad Credit Mortgage

“There May Be Several Toronto Bad Credit Mortgage Options Available to You”

Toronto bad credit mortgage options can range programs offered by “B” institutional lenders to private mortgage lenders.

The key in most cases is going to be how bad you credit is as almost all mortgage programs will have some parameters in their mortgage assessment criteria with respect to credit score and credit profile information.

The starting point for bad credit mortgages is typically when your personal credit score falls below 650. This is the fico score that is provided by the major credit reporting agencies that provides credit reporting services on and for Canadian residents.

Once you get below the 650 score level, you will likely be eliminated from most “A” mortgage programs. The next level down of institutional mortgage financing can still provide very good rates, but they will be slightly higher if your credit profile was stronger. While the score is something that everyone tends to get fixated on, the rest of your credit profile and transactional history are also going to be important and taken into consideration when a mortgage lender is assessing your application. For example, you could still be declined by an “A” lender when you have a credit score above 650 if you have negatives on your credit history that may concern them.

As your credit score drops, you are continuously limited from the available institutional mortgage programs. There is no exact jumping off point from where institutional programs stop and and private mortgage financing starts, but a generate rule would be at the level where your personal credit score goes below 600.

While private lenders will consider bad credit profiles where the credit score is low and the are a number of recent negatives on the credit profile, privates may also review your profile to get a better sense of your commitment to honor your repayment obligations. As a result, there are also differences in rate availability on the private mortgage side of things as well where very bad credit may pay a higher private mortgage rate than a less severe credit profile.

If you have bad credit and want to better understand your Toronto bad credit mortgage options, I suggest that you give me a call at 416 464 4113 so I can quickly assess your situation and provide you with bad credit mortgage options for your consideration.

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Mortgage Broker Experience Can Be Very Beneficial

“When It Comes To Working With a Mortgage Broker, There Is No Substitute For Experience”

First of all, I fully support people utilizing the services of a mortgage broker if they are looking for either residential or commercial mortgage financing.  For most people purchasing a home, the mortgage lender they end up working with will pay for the services of the mortgage broker providing a great service at no cost.

Mortgage brokers are all licensed and have to commit to ongoing professional development to maintain their ability to practice.

And while all mortgage brokers are trained to help you, experience does make a difference, especially when you’re looking for a specific type of mortgage product that a mortgage broker works with regularly.

Just like any other type of business, industry relationships are important and be used to your advantage.  While all brokers may have access to the same lender groups, the relationships that are built with the people that work there are developed by individuals, not necessarily by the collective.

This doesn’t mean that an experienced mortgage broker can pull favors or get you a deal that is not on the market, but it can mean that you get talking to decision makers quicker and if you have a deal that’s on the fringe of a mortgage lender’s requirements, a well established relationship and some added expertise may be able to get your deal out of the decline pile and into the approval pile.

Personally, there are individuals I can call up at a lenders office to a discuss a deal with in a matter of minutes can get an indication of interest from, that would be much less likely from someone who did not have the same relationship in place or the time and experience.  When I think about my earlier days when I was first starting out and compare that to today, there is no comparison with respect to my ability to get into direct contact with the right people in the right lending organizations.

Like most anything else in life, the more experience you can bring to the table, the better the results you can expect.  So if you need to secure a residential or commercial mortgage, I recommend that you give me a call so I can quickly assess your situation and requirements and provide relevant mortgage financing options that meet your requirements.

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